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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My last wonderful day with Harper!

Today was my second, and last, day with Harper this week; and we had a fabulous time!  My helper, Aunt Brooke, decided to take the day off; I flew solo! 
I am so thankful to Chelsea's mom and dad for caring for Harper every single day since Chelsea returned to work; after Harper's birth!  I wish I could help more, but volunteer to watch Harper whenever I can! I love every minute I am privileged to spend with our precious baby girl!
After my fiasco yesterday (see post dated December 30th), I decided to play it safe today!  Harper still had the privilege of riding in the wagon, but it was a little different today (see pictures below):

Harper riding in the wagon, while watching Miss Patty Cake (in the safety and warmth of her home)!

More Miss Patty Cake's singing and dancing!
At the end of our ride today, we noticed a souvenir from yesterday, in the trunk!
More to come of "The Adventures with Harper Noelle" on the next government holiday or vacation day!

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