Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Friday, December 27, 2013

Teaching of Heather Zempel

The first time I was introduced to this amazing lady, Heather Zempel, was at Northside Christian Church's Small Group Leaders gathering many years ago.  Although I don't remember everything she said that morning, I remember her passion when she said it!  I also remember how much she respected her Lead Pastor, Mark Batterson, and how frequently she spoke of him.  Ever since that day, I have been on-line followers of both of them!

Mark is the Lead Pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC, as well as author of many fabulous books.  

Mark Batterson

Heather serves as Discipleship Pastor and authors books too!  

Heather Zempel

They both maintain blogs, which I follow (and actually read), as well as post sermons on their Church's web-site:  I would encourage you to follow them too!

What I love most about Heather is her intelligence (although I love many other things,too!)!  She is SO DARNED SMART!  And she calls it like she sees it!  Like it or not!  She reminds me of another good friend - Michelle, if you're reading, you know it's YOU!!!

When she teaches, I learn things I never knew before!  EVER!  Things I never thought about!  For example, I remember a sermon I listened to online concerning the passage in Jeremiah 29 - if you are familiar with the Bible, you know the verse:  11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare[b] and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.  So many of us (Christians) love to memorize that Scripture and pull it out whenever we "need" it (Which is a great thing - please don't misunderstand my point here).  However, Heather mentioned the verse just prior to verse 11:  10 “For thus says the LordWhen seventy years are completed for Babylon, I will visit you, and I will fulfill to you my promise and bring you back to this place.  How come I never read that?!?!?!  It's immediately before the verse!?!??!?!  Heather spoke about the suffering the Israelites had to endure PRIOR to the blessing!  WOW!  Maybe I would have to endure suffering too!  That message gave me HOPE!  (I sent a request to NCC this morning asking for the link to that message. I would like to listen to it again - and would be happy to post it on m blog if you're interested in hearing it too!)  Here's the Link: Thank you so much, Heather and Sarah!!!

Today, I saw Heather's name on a post from the Orange Leaders blog, here is the link:  That message is what prompted this post today.  I hope you will take a minute to read it too!  I was blessed, as always!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pictures Speak Louder than Words - Christmas 2013

Christmas Memories 2013

Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24th

Presents wrapped for family - some "hidden" in other locations!

Christmas Eve tradition - Family and good friends over for dinner after Worship!

Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25th

Day begins at 5:15 am - Brooke, Kristina and I drive to Virginia Beach to see Harper experience Santa for the first time.  Last year doesn't count as she was only 4 months old.

My Children!  Kristina Elizabeth, Peter Joseph, and Brooke Marie!

Mommy brings Harper downstairs!!!  
(Why is everyone in our family here at 7:00 am!?!?!?!)

Chelsea introducing Harper to her Christmas Stocking!

Part of Harper's Christmas presents!

Other part of Harper's Christmas presents!

ONE of my AWESOME Christmas gifts!!!!  
(NOTHING on earth compares to being a GRANDMA!)

Then drive home for our girls' Christmas!
Kristina above
Brooke below

After the gifts are unwrapped upstairs (and the girls not getting what they wanted MOST), 
Daddy announces Santa left a couple of gifts down in the Sports Room (MAN CAVE)!!!

Kristina above
Brooke below

Beautiful Flowers given to me by Brooke's friend (Genevieve)

BEAUTIFUL "H" for the front door!

Day after Christmas, Thursday, December 26th

Izzy and I are POOPED!!!!  

Izzy and I enjoy the day at "The Porch"
Reading, watching television, wearing pajamas!!!!  

We are blessed beyond measure!