Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A day after ORANGE....

Well, it's another Saturday! But this week was much different than any other...I was honored to attend Orange 2010 - and am still in Atlanta, GA with my best friend.

So many things to write - but heading out in a few minutes with Michelle so just a bit for now (more later)... First item-MEETING REGGIE JOINER IN PERSON! It's funny how you feel like you already KNOW these leaders by reading/watching on-line/admiring a person for years. Then you realize, they don't know YOU!

I met many of the children's ministry bloggers I communicate with on-line. That was a huge treat! Most of them were MUCH CUTER in person...I told them that too (they seem like kids to me - WOW, am I getting old!).

I had the chance to hear a speaker I was not familiar with - Perry Noble! OH MY GOSH! What a speaker/leader! Completely impressed - I'm adding him to my blog reads/sermon downloads!

More later....