Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SEPTEMBER is here....

I was telling a co-worker yesterday how much I LOVE the month of September! There are many reasons, which I will list below:

1. My birthday is this month (I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!).
2. A new beginning (I have young girls beginning a new year of school)!
3. FALL (I LOVE fall - and spring)!
4. Football (my husband ADORES football and is extremely joyful, even if his team(s) lose)!
5. Nature (I love to watch the leaves change)-another concrete reminder of God's beauty-for US!
6. New volunteer efforts (I try to lead programs that effect my children-so I move up with them-and remain in some places I just can't leave-5th grade)!

These are the things that come to mind - but I have to run - one of my daughters is children are my joy (most of the time)!

Book Review

I spent my quiet time this morning reviewing this book...but it will take many more days of review before I'm ready to post (with numerous personal notes to draw from). This book is breath-taking! Not only are the photos unbelievable, but the teaching/learning is effortless-GREAT for kids! They won't even realize how much they are taking in-that's the way to teach (in my opinion!).

I love the Scripture references (that draw me deeper into His Word!) and the quotes from some of my favorite authors/Christian leaders!

WOW! That's all I can say for now....

Monday, August 30, 2010

Restoring Honor Rally in Washington DC

Saturday is a day I will never forget. I will never forget for two reasons: 1) I showed my youngest daughter how important it is Christians stand up and be counted for what they believe in! 2) I showed my daughter the capitol of the United States of America – the greatest country in the world!

My daughter is 11 years old and doesn’t sit still very well (and to be honest, I don’t expect her to); I don’t sit very well myself! We went to Washington to attend the Restoring Honor Rally – but instead of sitting, we took in the Air & Space Museum and the National Gallery of Art! Only being in DC for a few hours, we didn’t see much, but we saw what we could. We walked a LOT-so I got my exercise too!

I wanted to mark the moment in history and post a couple of photos – more to come when I can figure out how to download the pictures on my telephone (or get one of my savvy tech children to do it for me!).

What a fabulous day to praise the Lord!