Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Friday, September 17, 2010

Michelle Skipper - one of the Angels in my life

Well, here it is-my birthday! As I get older (and I am getting really old!), I realize more and more how precious each year is; and how grateful I am for my many blessings. My blessings are numerous, but I must say that my growing relationship with Christ has to be the most amazing blessing of all! Next comes my family (and the laughs we have, in spite of ourselves)! Then my friends-which I realize are many in number!

Over the years, God gives you insight as to what/whose important and the special value they add to your life. So, I think I’ll continue to post thoughts on some of the many Angels God has placed in my life…..

This is a picture of Michelle Skipper! She cracks me up!!!!! I think she is the first person that ever REALLY told me what she thought! And I mean REALLY thought – whether it hurt your feelings or not! I adore her and our very special friendship! As a matter of fact, every time I hear something come out of my mouth that she would say (and it happens more and more the older I get), I think about her (and laugh inside)! She made a HUGE difference in my life (and still does today). As a matter of fact, she is out of town at this very moment and STILL took the time to text me and wish me a Happy Birthday! She is a rare jewel and I love her with all my heart (and I don’t mind telling you she can’t stand it when I tell her that…she’s not GUSHY!).

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Back to Romans 6....

Sharon challenged us all to memorize Romans 6. Not just a verse, but the entire Chapter (a couple verses at a time)! So, of course, I tell my amazing friend (seated next to me) that I have a difficult time memorizing Scripture and figure if I complete the study, that should suffice. Well, don't you know, Sharon was sitting right in front of us (because I ALWAYS sit on the front row - in Church, school, Bible study - you name it). When Sharon gets up to speak - she tells the entire group that we should make an effort to memorize God's Word - to really work hard. Not simply assume we can't, but work at it. Sooooooo, of course, my friend elbows me, and I feel terribly guilty! Here it is one week later and I have the first 2 verses memorized (from the New Living Translation). Here it goes (this is my accountability):

Well then, should we keep on sinning so that God can show us more and more of His wonderful grace? Of course not! Since we have died to sin, how can we continue to live in it?

YES! Week one down....only 10 or 11 to go! Please pray for me!

Amazing Opportunity

Last year, our Minister of Adult Education & Involvement invited Heather Zempel, Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC, to speak to our small group leaders. Although I was not a leader, I really wanted to attend; so I did! Well, she was amazing!

NCC is a church of young, extremely bright, individuals in DC. Their Lead Pastor, Mark Batterson, has written numerous books, Bible studies and is an amazing preacher! (Check out their Church on-line at

Last weekend, Heather returned to our Church to lead another small group training (now I really am a small group leader - a Middle School Girl's Group) and I couldn't wait to attend! In addition to the training, I asked Heather if she would meet with my oldest daughter, Brooke, to share her wisdom and faith with her (as part of a year-long mentoring program). She allowed me to post her response - which I think is fabulous! She makes me laugh (and stand in awe) and is AMAZING with young ladies!

GREAT Friend

I love the way God helps coordinate absolutely everything in your life. He has placed numerous fabulous individuals in my life - and this woman is one of them! I have been given opportunities to grow as a result of my friendship with her - and I am extremely blessed to be her friend!

Thank you so much Kristy (Dr. Kristy M. Collins) - for everything you do for me and numerous others! You are an amazing leader!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Romans 6 Study!

So, my wonderful friend and Spiritual Mentor, Sharon Thomas, started a fabulous Bible study last week! If you would like to join us - PLEASE come! It's Thursday nights at Bethel Temple in Hampton. Our study begins at 7 pm (ends around 8:30 pm) and I can promise a life change! If you can't make it (or live out of town), you can join us ON-LINE! How cool is that!?!?!?!

See her Ministry web site for additional details! You'll be so happy you stopped by!

It's OFFICIAL! And it STARTS tonight!!!!

Middle School Small Group - 6-8 pm TONIGHT! I can't wait!

Please contact me for additional details! We would love to have you (oh, GIRLZ only!)

Quick Post....

You will NEVER in a million years guess whose quote was in my daughter's new social studies book for the school year? Henry David Thoreau!

After reviewing the book "Thumbing Through Thoreau – A Book of Quotations" by Henry David Thoreau (Tribute Books), I was extremely excited to say - I know who he is/was. This is the quote (which I love, I must add):

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads."