Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What is God Really Like?

I don't know why God continues to amaze me after all these years - but He does! Tuesday evening, after my car stopped, about mid-way home (while I was STILL driving), approximately 60 mph down interstate 64 at 6:45 pm. After calling my bestie for the Preacher's phone number (he includes the name of an amazing mechanical at our Church in his sermons from time to time), I was able to reach him and get verbal HELP! When the tow truck left "the site" and I headed home - it was about 10:00 pm! Upon entering the front door, I found this amazing book in the mail box. It came as an unexpected gift - at the PERFECT TIME! (Do YOU think God watches over us? I do!)
This book is a compilation of numerous pastor's one word definitions of what God is really like. I am a reader that LOVES to read books out of order...I check out the Table of Contents and read the titles that interest me most (unless, of course, it's a novel - you just have to read every single page from cover to cover, IN ORDER). I started with Chapter 1 - one of my many favorite pastors: Francis Chan. His one word for God was STRONG. He quotes Isaiah 45:22-23 and Joshua 1:6-9 - BE STRONG AND COURAGEOUS! He says, "I don't know many believers who gather together and encourage each other to be strong. Peter and John astonished people with their boldness, and yet when they got our of jail, they prayed for more boldness! The body of Christ needs once again to lay hands on each other, praying for boldness and strength."
This morning, prior to picking up my repaired car, I read Mark Batterson's chapter - word of choice for God: Incomparable
He quotes Ephesians 1:18-19: ...the riches of His glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe. "We sprinkle a little bit of prayer and the Bible and Church on our lives and hope. Hope is good, but expectation is better. When you believe in God's incomparable power, your hopes change to great expectations." AMEN Mark!
Finally, running out of time, I finished with Andy Stanley - word of choice for God: Certain
"The question for us is, will we maintain our faith when we can't see His hand? Even though Scripture doesn't change anything in "our" circumstances, it does allow us to embrae uncertainty knowing that God is still in control, that although life is uncertain, and the world may seem uncertain, God is not."
You may wonder about the last words I read before heading out to PAY for this massive repair; THIS is fabulous: "He still has your family, your personal finances, and all the things that are worrying you to death in his hands. He still has your whole world in His hands. Of that you can be certain."
My friends, GOD IS REAL and He LOVES us!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brooke is at Camp Rudolph This Week

The best part about my children attending Church camp is the mail! I just can't wait to create packages for them!

Oh my gosh, in the old days, I had to start mailing packages to Peter the week prior to his camp week! I would stress out wondering if he received them all - because he would ride up and back in a Church van. I wouldn't know if all the packages were delivered until he came home (and they ALWAYS WERE!).
Times have changed and I get to TAKE the girls to camp (and I LOVE doing it!). I BRING the packages with me (labeled for each day) and ask the Camp Office to include them in the regular mail call delivery! (I feel so clever - not to mention it saves a ton of money!)
Now that the girls are getting older, I can send more Spiritual gifts (along with the fun stuff and candy) - which I pray will create a special memory in their Spiritual growth. Monday's delivery included a Camp Journal for Brooke. I put all kinds of camp pictures on the front (along with a Camp Rudolph label) and included a letter about a personal growth experience I had while attending a Ladies Retreat there! I also taped special Scripture cards on several pages inside the journal (it was SO FUN to create). I so desperately want to give my children the best gift in life - a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! I can't list any of the other gifts until AFTER mail delivery each day! So I guess you'll have to wait to see what was in the rest of the packages (if I can even remember...I'm getting a bit older and forget more often!).
If you have a few minutes, I would be thrilled if you would send Brooke an email (she'll be at camp through Friday afternoon). The email address is: - and in the subject line, put her name: Brooke Haskins. I would love for her to get TONS of notes and letters!