Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Latest Fiction Read

Okay, so you might remember how much I adored the Francine Rivers' books I recently read... I had to go out and purchase TWO more! Due to the fact that I LOVE to read numerous books in a series, I opted for The Mark of the Lion Series - first book pictured here - A Voice in the Wind.

OH MY GOSH! What a difficult book to read! I say difficult, although true to life (this time in history). Knowing how amazing the book will be, I HAVE to continue....but it won't be easy! I'll keep you posted periodically.

Advent Devotional 2010 - Part 2

SO many things to be thankful for....

I'll say it again, for those that are not around me every day: Although Federal employees will not receive an increase for two years-I remain GRATEFUL I have a job! I am extremely thankful for my employer, and for the sacrifices each and every one of them make every day fighting for my freedom! I am incredibly blessed to be an American citizen!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Care for Creation - Book Review

Even though I am not an employee of a private or public school system, I still consider myself a teacher! As a matter of fact, sometimes I question if I missed my calling (and am quickly reminded that God has a plan and I am right where I'm suppose to be). I once heard Beth Moore say that if you read/learn something and just HAVE TO TELL SOMEONE - you're a teacher (and I feel that way all the time!).

I am the proud mother of two young ladies in middle school, lead a small group of 5th Grade students on Sunday mornings at my Church, co-lead a middle school girl's small group every other week and have lead/worked with various other children/teens of all ages on various topics. I LOVE TO LEARN and will never stop!

This book has creatively put Scipture references with text to help each one of us realize we are called by God to save our planet! Children learn to protect the environment and respect nature through recycling, home energy conservation and neighborhood clean-ups.

About the author: Writing has been a passion of Christy's since she was very young. As a child, she loved to write stories for her grandfather and poems just for fun. She lives in Mason, Ohio with her family and is active in church, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and volunteering with various organizations. Christy has a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from Cedarville University and a master's degree in Special Education from the University of Scranton. She is a stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her kids and being involved in their schools. Her previous children's titles include Nine Things Nathan Noticed at Night and Remembering Wilma .

Care for Creation by Christy Baldwin
ISBN: 9780982256565
hardcover (library binding): $16.95
eBook: $2.99-$4.99
Published by Tribute Books:
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Advent Devotional 2010

I received the most amazing gift in the mail - an Advent Devotional from the Western Mission Cluster c/o Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

I thought I would share it with you over the coming season - posting the Scripture messages they provided from November 28th through Christmas Day - December 25th.

I pray you remember Christ this Christmas and share HIS love with others!