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Saturday, June 25, 2011

My nephew's birthday! OH MY GOSH - is he 32 years old?

Christopher Delp and his wife - Lynette
Christopher and Lynette's Wedding Day
Chris and Brian Delp - Delp Family Reunion 2010
Chris and Brian holding their Dad's Flag

These are my nephews - Chris (far left) and Brian (far right) Delp
My sister's mother-in-law in the middle - Mary Delp
Chris, Mary and Brian Delp
Delp Family Reunion 2010
The Delps!

I have written about my nephew, Christopher, in the past - but I am EXCITED to add photos of my nephew, Brian (Christopher's brother). To be honest, I can't remember the last time I saw them. Wait, it was early 1996 . As a matter of fact, that was the last time I saw my sister, Tammy, and her husband, Jerry. You see, my sister moved to Missouri many, many years ago; which seemed very far from Virginia. As a matter of fact, I am sorry we didn't spend more time together as adults, prior to that year. Although I don't have any feelings of guilt, I do have feelings of sadness.

You may know my sister was 3 years older than me. If you are a girl, and have an older sister, you may know how desperately a younger sister wants to befriend her older sister. You may also know what a PEST a younger sister can be! Oh my gosh, I remember when we were growing up, I would spy on her, eavesdrop on her, watch her every move - in an attempt to "BE" like her. I have a feeling it didn't come across that way - it just appeared I was a nuisance! Not to mention the fact, it's not proper to TELL your sister you love her (and want to be like her) - you just "hang around" watching.

I have written about my sister, Tammy, many times (or I think I have). I know I have thought about her a LOT (and I still do). It's funny how we think people know how we feel, but we forget they don't "hear" our thoughts. Today, my nephew's birthday, I woke up thinking about this family and how very special they are/were to me.

I thought, in honor of Chris and his brother's love for their parents, I would share a couple very special memories I have of their parents; so here we go.....

One of my fondest memories of Jerry, Tammy's husband (Chris and Brian's dad), was when I was either a junior or senior in high school (sorry, it's been a very long time ago and I don't remember the exact date!). Jerry and I had a very special relationship; he teased me all the time and I teased him back! When it came down to it, I adored him (and I'm sure he adored me too!), but we didn't say it out loud. That day, I was sitting on the front porch of our home, crying my eyes out! You see, my boyfriend and I had broken up! We had dated a long time and I was devastated! Jerry walked up to the house and asked what was wrong. When I shared that my boyfriend and I broke up, he stopped and told me that my boyfriend was a fool (if he broke up with me!). WOW! He had NEVER actually said anything like that in the past. Even though I knew it deep down, he had never put it in words! I will never forget that day as long as I live!

Memories of my sister go on and on....but one of my favorites was in high school. Once again, I can't remember the year, but she and her friend Teresa were in the school talent show. I sat in the audience listening to them sing, crying my eyes out. First, you need to know that Teresa was blind. My sister befriended her and they enjoyed a wonderful relationship (I think-it wouldn't have been cool for her to actually TELL me that!). They were not considered "popular" in high school, but they didn't care. They already knew it didn't matter (I didn't). That night, they sang a John Denver song (once again, I don't remember which song - but to be honest, the details aren't what matters). Teresa played the guitar and they harmonized. They sounded AWESOME! I cried because kids were mean to them. I cried because they were sweet and kind to everyone (no matter what anyone said or did to them). They were courageous (singing in front of an auditorium full of people). I was so PROUD of them - and I wanted to grow up and be just like them!

I was extremely blessed (and I still am).

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kristina's Birthday Party - First photos

Kristina's 12th Birthday Cake
Kristina and Peter
Kristina, Peter, Chelsea and Brooke

The Morning After....

I realized something about myself yesterday; I can only take so much stress/illness/pressure and then.....I want to run away from home!

Although Kristina's party was awesome, getting TO the party was a complete nightmare! As Murphy would have it - there was an accident on I-64 and we would arrive approximately 5 minutes LATE to Kristina's party!

By the time "party day" came along, I had experienced a most difficult week of illness/sleep deprivation/"girl drama." I was completely SPENT!

I guess that's life - and one of the MAIN reasons I need my Saviour! HE IS MY ROCK and it's to HIM that I can run for shelter! Thank you God for sending a Saviour!

Praise God for Jesus!

PS. Party pictures coming soon - when I went to my computer to download the photos, my computer component was missing....gee, wonder what "I" did with it! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!