Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Monday, January 20, 2014

Called to Stand for My Beliefs

I have been reminded over and over the past few days, I need to stand for my beliefs.  The beliefs I feel passionate about, that play a very personal role in my life.  The belief I am referring to is Every Human's Right to LIFE (which I believe begins at conception).  

Being adopted, I believe the possibility of abortion was real for me.  I am confident it would have been MUCH EASIER for my birth mother to end her pregnancy rather than carry her baby to term.  Especially knowing she wouldn't be keeping me, for whatever reason.  From what I've been told by social services, my birth was a secret shared ONLY with her mother (not her father - or her existing children).  

I want to be clear why I am taking this stand - because I feel STRONGLY I need to be a voice for those who have no voice (the unborn).  Due to my own circumstances, I can relate to this issue in a way others CAN NOT.  The precious gift of life could have been taken from me, preventing my existence (and my children's and grandchildren's).  

I also want to be clear what I'm NOT doing; I am NOT JUDGING others (if they made a decision to abort a child).  I would tell you to seek help if you are not allowing God's forgiveness to comfort you.  Jesus came for ALL OF US; we are all sinners and all fall short!  I am NOT pretending to be perfect or better than anyone else.

I simply feel God called me to make a difference!  And I believe He wants me to STAND/WALK/SPEAK for those who can't.  It's time to be BOLD!