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Monday, December 30, 2013

My Graceful Moment....

You may be wondering why I added the picture to the left on a post entitled, "My Graceful Moment."   I can't wait to tell you ALL about it!

Today was a fabulous day; my daughter, Brooke, and I spent it with my granddaughter, Harper Noelle!  Not only was she a complete Angel, we had a great time watching movies together, watching her drive her new wheels in my son and daughter's driveway, and watching her enjoy her new Christmas toys!

Although it's winter in Virginia, it's been relatively mild (it was actually 80 degrees a couple of weeks ago!).  That being said, we decided to go for a little walk with her new fancy wagon (it even has a trunk, for heaven's sake)!  It became apparent early, Harper wanted no part of riding in the wagon; she was content walking (holding my or Brooke's hand).

Everything was going extremely well, until I decided to take a picture of Brooke and Harper walking hand in hand in front of me.  It was the first picture taken on our walk and not very well thought through.  We were walking on an asphalt path surrounding a beautiful lake, in a subdivision located next to theirs.  The ground was completely saturated, as it had rained off and on most of the day before.  As I stopped to take the photo, I didn't realize the path was on an incline; and I left the wagon unattended behind me.  As soon as I had the camera "in place" for the perfect photo, I heard a noise behind me.  As I turned to get a look, I saw the NEW WAGON heading straight for the lake!  I started to panic (like any good grandmother would) and took off running to save it!  I wasn't sure how deep the lake was and didn't want to find out (by jumping in to save the wagon)!  As I began to gain speed, just about to grab the wagon, my feet FLEW out from under me, causing me to fall and land on the ground.  Although I was wet, I am happy to report I wasn't hurt.  

The best news:  I SAVED the wagon!  The better news:  Brooke DIDN'T have her video camera on!  Although she was laughing at the top of her lungs, I must admit, I was too!

Harper in the driveway with her NEW WHEELS!

Brooke and Harper (the beautiful lake to the left)

Harper finally going for a ride in the wagon (notice the trunk)!

Granny STILL enjoying the beautiful walk, lake and day with her daughter and granddaughter!

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