Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Faith of Ronald Reagan - Upcoming Review

I must say that I have been thinking a lot about my dad lately. The first event documented in this book was of the assignation attempt on Ronald Reagan's life, while serving as President of the United States. This event took place the same year I lost my father to cancer; as a matter of fact, I remember watching the footage on the news WITH my dad. My dad liked Ronald Reagan and so does my husband (me too).
Another vivid memory of Ronald Reagan, was the day he passed away. I remember hearing my husband moan downstairs in our home and ran to see if he was okay. When I entered the room, I noticed the announcement of his death on television. My husband was truly saddened (and so was I).
Watching his wife, Nancy, during the late years of Ronald Reagan's life was a tremendous inspiration to me (as well as countless others) and an amazing testimony to her husband and to God. I am looking forward to finishing this book in the near future. Until then....

Thankful Thursday-Youth Ministry Team

Student Minister - Matt Fehl

Associate Student Minister - Tim Ellis

I am extremely thankful for the youth ministers at our Church (Northside Christian Church), pictured above. I'm not sure they know how much they are appreciated-but hope they read this post (so they'll know!).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thankful Thursday - almost a week late

Today (well, really last Thursday), I'm grateful for on-line Christian Blogs! I don't know if the many authors I subscribe to know how much they mean to me every day! I get re-energized and reminded of our priorities! Thank you ALL, from the bottom of my heart!