Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The End to a Fabulous Year

As I sit alone, the last morning of 2011, I consider the past year and contemplate the new one. I love New Years - as I ponder things about myself I would like to change.

A couple of days ago, I couldn't help but hear a word repeating over and over in my mind - one I didn't want to hear and tried to avoid - because it isn't FUN! But honestly, I think God was speaking it to me - because I need to make changes! Although it is one simple word, it encompasses many aspects of life.

The word - D I S C I P L I N E

I don't like that word! I don't like what it infers (at least to me): responsibility (to myself), commitment and dedication (even when I don't want to!), doing things I NEED to do (but may not WANT to do). I see 2012 as a year of discipline - much needed discipline.

Although I'm fearful, I KNOW God has a lot to teach me! I will be obedient.