Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Friday, April 9, 2010


I got the book 2012 in the mail yesterday for a book review - so this weekend I start reading about the Christian view of the world coming to an end in the year 2012.... I usually never "get into this kind of stuff" - so I'm really looking forward to it! I'll be posting my thoughts soon!!!!! Stay tuned.....

Oh, my review for the Collaborate book blog tour is due next guess I better finish that read this weekend too!!!! (and get writing!) I just can't ever seem to get learning and reading! we come!

I am SO excited! The girls and I leave for the last KTU of the year later today! That part makes me sad (that it's our last KTU), but I can't wait to "hang out" in the hotel with my girls! We decided after the first trip last year that daddy could stay home and walk the dogs...he's just not as much fun as we are (not to mention he NEVER stops to go to the bathroom!). Oh my gosh, it takes all of 5 minutes....I think it's a "man thing".... Plus, the girls and I love to explore the animals at Tech! Kristina has a tremendous LOVE for horses, so we have to stop by for a visit each time! The last trip, one of the horses SMILED at us (and I mean a HUGE SMILE! Showing his/her-not sure which-teeth for a really LONG TIME!).

Anyway, we will leave B'burg around 5 am on Sunday so I can get home in time for my 5th grade Sunday School class. I just LOVE teaching kids about the Lord! After Church, we have our second-to-the-last faithGirlz meeting (another sad thing). We will be wrapping up the year next month (May) and I will be retiring as the leader (my youngest will be moving to middle school-where have the years gone?????).

On Sunday night, we have Altared Kids! I just love this program too! I have the chance to work with kids of all ages (K-5th grade) and our amazing children's minister has let me create the program outline! I have made it a bit easier than Powered Up (the program I use to coordinate for 3 years and LOVED), but continue to use the AMAZING 252 curriculum - and have the kids LOOK UP SCRIPTURES in the Bible more. I just love teaching the kids what God is teaching me - there is SOOOO much COOL STUFF in the Bible (if you actually take the time to read it!). Sometimes I have to get help from the pros (I listen to a ton of sermons and read a ton of books/Bible studies), because I did not growup reading the Bible! I just can't get enough now!!!!

Well, better run...have to finish packing and walk the dogs - then ON THE ROAD AGAIN!!!! Have a fabulous weekend all!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Oh my gosh, am I excited! Today and tomorrow I will be home spending time with my precious children! I can't wait! Today is Kristina day and we are making plans for fun! This will, of course include READING and movie watching! We are SOOOOOO excited for our special day!

I will be posting later with more details!