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Online Bible Study

Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Sister's Birthday

Today would have been my sister's, Tamara Catherine Huntington Delp, 53rd birthday.  She left this world WAY too soon - a mere 36 years old (in 1996).  I think of her so often, and ponder WHY on earth she was chosen to enter her HOME of glory so early.  The only thing I can think is there is MUCH truth in the expression:  The Good Die Young.  Honestly, she was one of the kindest human being's I have ever met.  She was extremely considerate of others, befriended those others would not, never had a mean word to speak of others.... I could go on and on....

I have had a rather difficult weekend, reviewing my life and the ways I want/NEED to change.  There is one word that continues to RING in my ears:  DISCIPLINE!  I must choose discipline.  I have many things to change, but HE has shown me so much over the weekend.

Today, in my sister's honor, I will commit to making changes.  I will be posting more frequently; sharing some of the ways I need to change.  I pray you will endure the journey with me!!!!


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