Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Amazing Opportunity

Last year, our Minister of Adult Education & Involvement invited Heather Zempel, Discipleship Pastor at National Community Church in Washington, DC, to speak to our small group leaders. Although I was not a leader, I really wanted to attend; so I did! Well, she was amazing!

NCC is a church of young, extremely bright, individuals in DC. Their Lead Pastor, Mark Batterson, has written numerous books, Bible studies and is an amazing preacher! (Check out their Church on-line at

Last weekend, Heather returned to our Church to lead another small group training (now I really am a small group leader - a Middle School Girl's Group) and I couldn't wait to attend! In addition to the training, I asked Heather if she would meet with my oldest daughter, Brooke, to share her wisdom and faith with her (as part of a year-long mentoring program). She allowed me to post her response - which I think is fabulous! She makes me laugh (and stand in awe) and is AMAZING with young ladies!

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