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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why God Matters...Book Review

As a novice book blogger (not sure at what point I’ll consider myself “experienced/an expert”), I enjoy reading other people’s posts prior to writing my own review of a book. The reason isn’t to confirm my opinion – that decision has already been confirmed - but to review what they have to say in the event I want to add MORE to my post. In this instance, I am extremely happy I did.
There were several reasons I was drawn to request Why God Matters - How to Recognize Him in Daily Life by Karina Lumbert Fabian and Deacon Steven Lumbert. First, I was raised in the Catholic faith by the most amazing Christian mother you could ever meet. Second, God is a HUGE part of my daily life and I love reading books about Him and how I might be able to grow even closer to Him! Third, I currently attend a Church of Christ (as an adult) and wanted to see if perhaps I missed something while attending the Catholic Church (although extremely young when I left the faith-more to come on this below). Fourth, and last, I love to read books that require me to reach outside my “normal/everyday” circumstance and learn/grow my world of understanding as I know it today.
After reading this book, I realize I missed a tremendous amount of the Catholic Church history/faith/beliefs leaving the Church as an 18 year old child (I am not trying to say that all 18 year olds are children-however, I WAS!). The circumstances surrounding my departure are considerably opposite to the outcome of chapter 5 in this book. There was a time (a VERY LONG TIME) I would have been bitter after reading this chapter: titled “Out of the Depths of Despair”. I would have been extremely angry that God HEARD his prayer and from all aspects I could see and grasp, He must not have heard MINE! I had to consider “what had I done in my life that HE chose NOT to answer my prayers”. Thank God He is so patient, forgiving, and sovereign (now that word took a VERY LONG TIME for me to get my arms around) and allowed me to wander IN the depths of despair and ultimately, return to Him (although it took me about 10 years)! And to be able to say now – Deacon Steve-I am extremely happy all worked well for you!
Just after I turned 18 years old, my mother suffered a massive heart attack. My mother was my world-although she wasn’t what I consider beautiful, she was the most amazing woman I had ever met. She was kind to everyone, never had anything negative to say about anyone or anything-simply extraordinary. She passed away, in the coronary care unit, a few shorts days later. Followed by my father’s determined effort to find out what was causing the pain he had been suffering for years – which turned out to be cancer-and after a valiant fight, passed away 10 months later.
My entire life had been spent in Church. Raised by a mother that adored God: taught to pray, attend mass, thank Him for EVERYTHING we had, see His hand in everything, and attend all the ceremonial services in our Catholic Church; well where was HE when I needed Him? The following years (about ten of them), I spent wandering. But I must say – I KNOW He never left! I felt HIS footprints in MY sand-even while we were traveling! And I want to tell Karina – NEVER give up hope (and I’m sure you won’t)! I read that one of your children is questioning his faith. I am here to tell you that they can’t forget what they were taught as children. As the old sayings goes-you can run, but you can’t hide! He is in control and will never leave nor forsake you! He is in complete control and has a unique plan for you – that takes time to unwind. Years later, He placed me in an apartment that passed a Catholic Church – there was no other way in or out without passing that Church! I KNEW I had to take my son (I was a parent by that time). I knew He had to be raised in the Church. He had to know God and I had to return to Him! The next twenty years are history (as they say). I have been so blessed by Him and reminded that He IS and WAS there for me and always will be. What would I do without my absolute BEST friend?
My son made the decision to wander -and oh my gosh, I cried and cried – and yes, I prayed and prayed! Two years ago my answer came (Thank you God!) and my son returned to his beliefs! I remain grateful for his decision and know I could not be the one to make it for him. All I could do was pray and allow others and His Holy Spirit to work in my son’s life. He did!
Back to the book-I truly enjoyed the short chapters, the Scripture references (I can never get too much for His Word) and the Catechism references. The Catechism is something I remember nothing about. I will spend some time in the future (thanks to the Internet) researching this Catechism and analyzing my own belief next to that of the Catholic Church.
I want to thank Tribute books for allowing me to post a review on this book and for providing a paper copy for my use. I still haven’t come around to the “on-line” reading of today. There’s just something about holding the pages in your hand and highlighting/writing in the margins.
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Karina Fabian said...

Thanks so much for your very thoughtful comments both about Why God Matters and to me, personally. I've been blessed and amazed about how people reacted to the story about me son. It wasn't a story I planned to write, but for some reason, it wanted to be included in this book. The Holy Spirit was indeed at work!


Tribute Books said...

Therese - novice or not, I always enjoy your reviews and this one is simply powerful.

I love hearing someone's personal story when they talk about "Why God Matters." I think that is what this book is all about - sharing and continuing the dialogue on both sides. That is why it was a great idea by Karina to include the Share Your Story portion at The stories from readers just make the book even more complete.

I'm so glad that you shared your story of faith. To be hit at such a young age with the loss of both of your parents - I don't know many people who would be strong enough to cope with that, but you did. When they talk about heroes in the world - they should mention all of the Theresas out there instead of overpaid athletes and spoiled movie stars.

Again, thank you for sharing the book with your blog readers, and I hope you enjoy your continued search into the Cathechism.

Best wishes,
Tribute Books