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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have been watching a fabulous lady’s blog and was excited to see she had established a weekly “column”, which I thought was a really neat idea. So, Wendy, this is because of you! See Wendy’s blog here:

I will be posting articles each Thursday on people that I am thankful for in this amazing journey called life! I have previously posted my appreciation for each one of my children – but OFTEN forget to thank my spouse! His name is Chris – and he is an amazing man! I was blessed by meeting him on June 30, 1995 – at his father’s retirement ceremony. There was no doubt our meeting was destined by God – as I wasn’t initially invited to the celebration, but asked by another very special man, as his wife was called out of town (Thank you forever John Baker!). To make a long story short, our first official date was on the 4th of July and as they say, the rest is history (which is interesting-since the 4th of July was a day of historical importance for our country too!).

He proposed to me on July 12th, 1996 (DURING hurricane Bertha-of all places, ON BUCKROE BEATH – yes, you guessed it – torrential downpours and all) and we were wed exactly 3 months later (it worked with the fall football schedule - clearly HIS decision not mine) on October 12th, 1996. As a result of our union, we have two beautiful daughters – Brooke (turned 13 on August 7th) and Kristina (turned 11 on June 23rd). Pictured above on the first day of school this year! Aren’t they beautiful?

Although life is not a fairy tale (which is what I initially thought it would be, thanks to the Brady Bunch), I am blessed beyond measure! He has been the most amazing gift; in ways too numerous to explain.

Picture of Christopher to come in the near future….(I don’t mind telling you, he’s one good looking man too!)

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lrwhitney said...

Great idea!!! Love the idea of Thankful Thursday