Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Monday, July 19, 2010

Memories from the past (but NOT forgotten)

I FINALLY DID something I have pondered for quite some time. As a matter of fact, the idea was given to me (from Above) during a time of internal conflict and prayer. While serving as a youth sponsor, at an amazing outdoor Camp that changed my walk with Christ (Camp Rudolph in Yale, Virginia), I was reminded of the numerous saints from Northside Christian Church that changed my life forever.

When I started attending Northside Christian Church in 1992, my life was upside down. Like Beth Moore, I don’t think the details are important; the fact that I was lost and searching for something (GOD) is much more important. HE placed me at Northside for numerous reasons; I’m convinced. But I’m certain it was mostly for the leadership and fellowship with genuine believers.

Just about every Sunday night, for many years, several of the long-time members would go out for dinner after the evening service. Not only did I have no where to go, but I had no money to go there with! These couples would invite my son and me to tag along. Not only did we share the most amazing fellowship I have ever experienced (except for the meals around our kitchen table growing up-when my parents shared many of the details of their lives), but they would pay the bill! EVERY WEEK, someone would pay our bill!

When I FINALLY approached this very special man to thank him in person, he responded with tears in his eyes, acting as if I had been the one to bless him! Can you imagine that? That is what BEING THE CHURCH is all about! That is what saving someone’s life for the Kingdom is about. I am so grateful to these members of Northside Christian Church and I always will be! Now it’s my turn to give back! FORGE AHEAD!

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