Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Friday, July 23, 2010

Father - PLEASE use me!

Reading for this week
"When God sovereignly determines to revive His people, He usually begins by awakening one person. The history of God's people is studded with the names of solitary souls who refused to let go of God until He blessed them. Their spiritual tenacity was first granted them by God and then used by Him to ignite a field of other parched souls. The result is always a sweeping move of the Spirit in which God is exalted, His people revived, and the lost converted.
In the thronging masses of newly awakened hearts, however, never lose sight of that one solitary figure who became the torch of God to set His people ablaze once again. God is always prior. His first move in revival is always to find one willing heart and break it." John Kitchen, Revival in the Rubble. Pg.15

Dave Butts
Harvest Prayer Ministries and National Prayer Committee

National Day of Prayer Task Force

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