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Online Bible Study

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Latest Book Review

To be perfectly honest; I signed up to review Thumbing Through Thoreau: A Book of Quotations by Henry David Thoreau, compiled by Kenny Luck illustrated by Jay Luke & Ren Adams, because I don’t know a thing about the literary genus behind the work I knew if I “signed up” to review the book, knowing the person I am, I would HAVE to learn everything I COULD possibly learn about Mr. Thoreau (which would provide an amazing learning/growing experience)!

I received the book in the mail yesterday from Tribute books and immediately opened the package to begin exploring the text. At first glance, I began to panic. The reason for my panic was due to the “way” I process information. For example, when I read Scriptures in the Bible, I like to read the verses proceeding and following the referenced text. I like to have a complete understanding of what is being said and the context in which it’s being stated. (As a matter of fact, I even read every note printed at the bottom of the page and in more than one Bible translation! I don’t want to miss a thing!) It would be difficult to do with this book, as it is comprised of random quotations by the author. Mr. Luck does provide an explanation of his logic in the introduction of the book, but it’s difficult to teach this dog new tricks!

I mentioned my quandary to my co-worker, a well learned woman I highly respect, and she agreed with my assumption that I should state my opinion based on the text provided! In other words, without reading every work-which I may have to do now, I won’t know what was written prior to or afterward. I could base my review on what I gleaned from this text alone. I felt so much better; I can do this!

Stay tuned for my review on August 21st! I am really looking forward to the journey!

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