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Friday, June 25, 2010

And yet...ANOTHER special day!

Words can not express the feelings I have for this young man. HE is my nephew! Not only is he VERY special, his mother was an absolute SAINT! My sister, Tammy, passed away when she was 36 years old from brain cancer. Whenever I hear the expression "The good die young" honestly, I think about my sister. She was the kindest, most gentle, forgiving woman I ever had the priviledge to know. Unfortunately, being sisters - and I was the younger pain in the fanny sister - we were not given the opportunity to spend enough quality adult time together. But I did have the pleasure to spend a very special afternoon with her (while we giggled and told "SECRETS" about our growing up years). I will NEVER forget that day - and recently I realized how much I still miss her (she passed away November 20, 1996 - right after I married my husband, Christopher). Actually, the person who insisted I visit my sister that February 1996 was that man-my husband! I will be forever grateful for that visit/memory of her!

Christopher, I pray you have a fabulous Birthday! I noticed on Facebook that you are engaged too! OH MY! Where have the years gone? I remember dancing with you in my mom and dad's living room when you were a baby! On Facebook, I also found the picture below (my father passed away while making this beautiful saddle-he created amazing items out of leather-and Christopher's father finished it for him). I was so excited to see it again!

Thank you for sharing this gift with me on YOUR birthday! I love and miss you-and pray for you often!

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