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Online Bible Study

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Brooke is at Camp Rudolph This Week

The best part about my children attending Church camp is the mail! I just can't wait to create packages for them!

Oh my gosh, in the old days, I had to start mailing packages to Peter the week prior to his camp week! I would stress out wondering if he received them all - because he would ride up and back in a Church van. I wouldn't know if all the packages were delivered until he came home (and they ALWAYS WERE!).
Times have changed and I get to TAKE the girls to camp (and I LOVE doing it!). I BRING the packages with me (labeled for each day) and ask the Camp Office to include them in the regular mail call delivery! (I feel so clever - not to mention it saves a ton of money!)
Now that the girls are getting older, I can send more Spiritual gifts (along with the fun stuff and candy) - which I pray will create a special memory in their Spiritual growth. Monday's delivery included a Camp Journal for Brooke. I put all kinds of camp pictures on the front (along with a Camp Rudolph label) and included a letter about a personal growth experience I had while attending a Ladies Retreat there! I also taped special Scripture cards on several pages inside the journal (it was SO FUN to create). I so desperately want to give my children the best gift in life - a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! I can't list any of the other gifts until AFTER mail delivery each day! So I guess you'll have to wait to see what was in the rest of the packages (if I can even remember...I'm getting a bit older and forget more often!).
If you have a few minutes, I would be thrilled if you would send Brooke an email (she'll be at camp through Friday afternoon). The email address is: - and in the subject line, put her name: Brooke Haskins. I would love for her to get TONS of notes and letters!

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