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Online Bible Study

Monday, June 21, 2010

What Matters Now in Children's Ministry

I am trying my best to come up with ONE WORD to describe my overall feelings about this book (I am a woman of MANY words, not few). This is truly difficult for me! You see, the chapter titles in this book are one word responses (answering the question - which is the title of the book - What Matters Now in Children's Ministry) - expanded into a one-page chapter by numerous experts in the field.

My first thought was Encouraging;
My second thought was Supportive;
My third Insight

You know what - I think I like that third one! This little book provides a TON of insight for parents/children's ministers/children's ministry volunteers - anyone who's interested in growing a child's faith in Jesus Christ!

I have been writing / communicating with a few of the authors and really appreciate this book! One of my main goals in life is leading my children to the Cross. Personally, I KNOW nothing else in life will give you greater pleasure than a real friendship with Our Savior! I will be adding to this post over the next couple of days (highlighting a few of the chapters and what they mean to me personally) When a post is too long, I think we tend to drift (and never finish it - possibly missing the most important part of the entire post)....

Stay tuned....

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