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Online Bible Study

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Will the World End in 2012?

Let me begin by saying this is a fabulous book for someone like me! You see, I made the decision long ago to stop watching the daily news and reading the local newspaper. There is so much negative press that it is no wonder our world remains in a constant state of depression and fear. I have made the effort to routinely listen to the world news on National Public Radio every afternoon on my commute home from work.

After reading this book, I felt I had been provided a fascinating overview of the predictions of how our world will end on December 21, 2012. I thought the book was extremely informative; so much so that I felt a sense of intelligence when the topic of the Large Hadron Collider was explained at a recent Christian Conference I attended.

In the introduction to the book, Dr. Raymond Hundley states: “The rise and fall of interest in predictions of the end of the world appear to follow the same rise and fall of stresses, dangers, and exasperation over the actual conditions of human life.” And isn’t our world in a state of constant stress and danger?

I agree with Dr. Hundley’s conclusion that none of us know when the world will end. We don’t even know what will happen on our drive home from work (TRUST ME)! What matters at the end of the day (and at the end of the world) is that we have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ! It is our responsibility as Christians to share the good news so every person on earth can spend eternity in Heaven (whenever the time comes)!

*I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255

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