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Online Bible Study

Friday, May 7, 2010

May 6, 2010

Day begins 4:40 am (slept in)
Left home 6:30 am
Awesome Training event in Virginia Beach - arrival time 7:30 am
Approximately 10:00 am - won Starbucks Gift Card (YEA!!!!)
FABULOUS lunch at the conference
Left conference at 3:45 pm heading for home - valuable time with family!
Drive home - noticed sign reading 7 mile backup at the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT)
Tried to exit interstate and "go around" traffic
Got lost
Called co-worker to get directions
Got back "on-track"
Car getting warm - 4:15 pm
Car needle in the "RED zone"
Called my son
Turned off car
Waited for cars to move - pulled to side of road
Called my son again
Took a brief nap while I waited for traffic to thin out (sweat dripping from my head woke me)
Called my son again
Read a fabulous book-The Slow Fade-by Reggie Joiner, Chuck Bomar and Abbie Smith
Sent text messages to numerous people (mostly family)
Called my son again
Traffic NOT thinning, getting late - approximately 6:30 pm
Called my son again
Sent text to my supervisor - she called - she locked her keys in her car (while running)
Asked my son to come find me - getting scared - I wasn't sure where I was!
Asked nearby car (MANY available) what street we were on
Told me, but I didn't think he was right - walked to the corner to check (he was right)
Son couldn't find me
Son got some water for my radiator and stopped at store to ask for directions
No one knew where the street name - he checked a map in the store
Noticed no cars coming - Son NOT happy! Told to WAIT for him (agreed)!!!!
Accident blocking road to me - he had to "create" a detour!
He put water in the radiator!!!!!!!
Norfolk assistance vehicle stops to help (AFTER we're done!) - 8:15 pm
On the road - son calls to tell me one of the rear lights is out!
Son asks if I want to fix it when we get home - I say SURE (why not?)!
It's 8:30 pm - I left my house at 6:30 am!!!!!!
FINALLY get to move and arrive at Advanced Auto at 30 seconds to 9:00 pm
Get bulb - go to son's house to fix light
He offers a yummy sandwich - I was a little hungry!
Head home
Arrival time - 9:45 pm!!!!!
Got up this morning - start all over again!

I remain blessed! What would I do without my family!?!?!?!

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