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Online Bible Study

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amazing Friday Night....

So last night was the last WOW 2010. I was so sad to say good-bye to my 7th grade small group gals! But not to worry, I still have phone numbers, mailing AND email addresses.

When we were leaving Colonial Heights (around 10 pm), I promised the girls ice cream. So we stopped at McDs and, OF COURSE, the ice cream maching was broken! So we stopped at the NEXT McDs - and there machine was broken too! I begged her to please try and she was able to "squeeze" ONE more ice cold treat out!

As we were leaving, all three girls had to use the restroom. So, while I wait, a woman approaches me for a ride...ugh-I was scared, so I said I wasn't traveling that direction. I felt so guilty - and noticed the gas gauge was a little low, but KNEW I could make it home... So, if you guessed this story has a bad ending, it DOES! Just before Williamsburg, I RUN OUT OF GAS on Interstate 64 at midnight (with 3 children in my car!). I have NEVER run out of gas (okay, I guess I have now!) and although I wasn't scared, I was SOOOOOO tired! My poor husband had to bring gas (and he WASN'T happy about it!) and we didn't get home until about 1 am!

What did I learn??? STOP for gas at a quarter of a tank!

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