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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"What's in the Bible" Review

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am honored to have been selected as a participant of the “What’s In the Bible” DVD blog tour for Tyndale Blog Network. Part of the reason I was so excited to view these DVDs was due to the creator of the series, Phil Vischer. Phil was the genius creator of Veggie Tales, which, in my opinion, was an amazing creation of vegetables that told stories in the Bible! I bet I could sing about five of the songs from that series right now! As an adult, I enjoyed watching each episode with my children!

I remember hearing that the creator of Veggie Tales fell upon hard times and lost ownership of the company. I didn’t know any of the details but was blessed to hear him briefly discuss the details at the beginning of this series. He indicated he spent a substantial amount of time searching God’s Word for direction. My prayer is that he will be extremely blessed in this new endeavor.

As the characters of “What’s in the Bible” were introduced, I was a bit worried I wouldn’t enjoy this series. I have been “puppetted” to death over the years in children’s ministry. But I was overjoyed to see how he created a whirlwind of excitement transitioning from one character to the next-to the Bentley Brother’s (singers with “out of this world” harmony!), to live children’s responses, to the ever-famous flannel graph!

But the best part of the entire series, in my humble opinion, is the valuable theology Phil Vischer is teaching the children of today (and the parents too!). For instance, do you know when and/or who translated the bible from Hebrew to Latin? How about the number of books in the Protestant Bible or the Catholic Bible? Did you even know there was a difference?

I watched two episodes back to back and NEVER got the least bit bored. As a matter of fact, I took copious notes! The first episode is titled “In the Beginning” and covers, well, the beginning; the basics of the Bible. The second episode “Let my People Go" provides an overview of the Book of Genesis.

If you’re interested in winning a copy of either or both episodes, leave a comment on my blog telling me WHY I should pick you! I will draw the winner/winners on Friday night, April 12th. So don’t delay – ENTER NOW!

If you would like to view the trailer for this fabulous series, go here:

If you would like to visit the “What’s in the Bible web site, go here:

Or the publisher of this amazing series, go here:

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WINNER ANNOUNCED - check post Monday, March 15th!


pattip said...

Sign me up for the drawing! Thanks for the review!
patti peters

@EBMR said...

would love to win both or even just one of these dvds for my 4 yr old.Loves Veggie Tales so this would be great!

Morpheus said...

I would love to share these with my nieces! Thanks for the chance!

zenzart at hotmail dot com

- Amity