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Online Bible Study

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You'll NEVER believe this!!!!!

I got a little busy at the office this afternoon and left a couple minutes late.  However, I had my amunition in place for the commute home (just in case).  

When I got home last night, while I was cooking dinner, I took a moment to look for something I misplaced.  I came across a book I read a few months ago and thought it would be extremely appropriate for LONG AFTERNOON DRIVES!  I was SO RIGHT!!!

This is the neighborhood I mentioned in my previous post 
(my drive TO the interstate was a piece of cake which can REALLY be a nightmere some nights)

Notice the TITLE of this book!!!!   THIS is the appropriate book!!

Not sure you can see the text I previously underlined in my book:  
Poor choices usually lead to more poor choices, and all poor choices lead to stress.  
(I'm thinking WORKING IN NORFOLK just might be a POOR CHOICE!)

Can Somebody Please Help Me!?!?
(The Confident Mom by Joyce Meyers)

Made it to the Interstate, FINALLY!


Still on the drive home - but on the Peninsula now!!

FINALLY to Christopher Newport University!

Can you see the SNOW?????

The snow is starting to stick a little bit!

I'm HOME and it ONLY TOOK over an hour!!!

Seriously, I enjoyed the drive home tonight.  The music on K-LOVE WAS AWESOME and I was singing along at the TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!!    Some of the songs were:  SHAKE by MercyMe; Let them See You by JJ Weeks Band; This is Amazing Grace by Phil Wickham; How Sweet the Sound by Citizen Way; One of Casting Crowns fabulous songs; the list goes on and on.....

Plus my co-worker was behind me and we spent the drive sending humorous text messages back and forth until we were home.

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