Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lisa Harper's Bible study on the book of Hebrews - Launch Team

I am so excited to study the Book of Hebrews with Lisa Harper!  In preparation, I will listen to all of my favorite pastor's recorded messages from Hebrews.  I will be FILLING MYSELF with THE BOOK OF HEBREWS (in my various Bible translations) and reading everything I can find in my study Bibles! 

I have been a Christian all my life (except a few years when I questioned God's decisions concerning my life), but it wasn't until I started readying and studying His Word that my life was forever changed.  I am unable to put into words how you can develop a relationship with Jesus by reading His Word, but you can!  He becomes your closest friend - like no one you have ever known or loved!

It takes discipline to read His Word daily (and I fall short often); however, I'm always grateful when I sacrifice whatever it takes (sleep and time)!

Please be in prayer for the entire launch team - as we prepare to DIG DEEP into Hebrews!

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