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Monday, September 5, 2011

Follow up to Sunday Morning's Post....

rethink Group, Inc.

‎"When your parents split and you doubt God cares, where will you let your doubt take you? When your friends leave you out, turn their backs on you and you doubt God hears your hurt, where will you let your doubt take you? When you sit in your science class and hear your teacher rail on your faith, and you start to doubt whether belief in God is relevant at all, where will you let your doubt take you?" Stay tuned....

“This is where we have to learn to embrace the doubt and allow it to lead us to belief.”

We have a choice to make (whether we realize it or not). We can both walk away from our faith/beliefs (as many people do) or stay and persevere. When referring to BOLD Christians that made the choice to stay and persevere, “That is where they are different from a lot of people. Yes, they doubted, just like you, but doubt did not dictate their lives and their actions. Belief did that. Like them, we need to learn how our faith and our doubts can reside together in your relationship with Jesus Christ, and mine.”

As humans, we will always have doubt. “Our doubt can be part of the process in the path towards deeper belief. Life is learning to make as much as possible of the doubt and the faith-knowing that where we choose to put our faith, doubt will appear to some degree.” I don’t know about you, but this provides MUCH comfort for me! I have worried, in times of doubt, if anyone else feels this way too. Rather than feeling ashamed of the feelings, I can take advantage of the opportunity to deepen my faith in Him.

“Doubt is not bad, not even when it comes to Christianity….Doubt can actually deepen our faith. It can test it and try it and ground it in ways that blind acceptance never can.” I don’t know if you have encountered a season of doubt; I know I have. As a matter of fact, my season was LONG (approximately 10 years). I am here to confirm this statement – my doubt became a way for God to confirm His presence in my life. I was given an understanding of life that I never thought possible-I was given peace beyond understanding. Had I not walked the path of doubt, I would not have experienced His deep, abiding, love, and peace.

“We would be misled if we thought God fears and flees from our doubt. And we would be missing out if we let doubt have the final word when it comes to our relationship with Jesus.”
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