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Online Bible Study

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene - August 2011

I decided I would write a brief blog (with the pending power outages, this may be the ONLY post) of my personal experience with Irene!

I fell asleep watching The Weather Channel's Hurricane coverage. I awoke to The Weather Channel's Hurricane coverage - and the sound of a home flag, attached to the exterior of our home, blowing ferociously! I believe it was about 5:00 am - and we are anticipating an entire day of the same! I don't think I truly understood how LARGE this storm actually is - and the number of hours we will be plummeted by Irene's strong winds and heavy rain.
I read that a surfer lost his life in Virginia Beach, 22 years old, PRIOR to Irene's arrival (if I understood correctly)!
To be completely honest, I KNOW God is in control - but I'm a tad fearful.
More to come.....

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