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Online Bible Study

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mountain Lake - Home of Dirty Dancing!

Friday evening, after work, I made the trip to Blacksburg, VA to stay with friends. Saturday morning, I drove to Mountain Lake in Pembroke, VA (a short 15-20 minute drive) to attend a 4-H leadership conference. The sign on the way to the hotel reads "top of the world" - and they aren't kidding! You drive UP A MOUNTAIN, around many curves, for what seems to be an eternity! Finally, you reach the TOP - the beautiful location of Moutain Lake Resort. Several years ago, the movie Dirty Dancing was filmed here. I couldn't help but feel a sense of sadness, reflecting on the passing of Patrick Swayze.

One tiny detail, one I WASN'T expecting, was SNOW!!!! It was truly coming down and as I neared the top of the mountain, my car engine began to rev a bit and I could feel a loss of traction. I was able to make it safely and enjoy a wonderful day of learning/fellowship/sharing! It was a fabulous day.

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