Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Thousand Gifts - Ann Voskamp

I don't remember the blog that referred me to this author, but the very first time I read "A Holy Experience" I was hooked! It became instantly clear this woman was an authentic Christian and someone I wanted to emulate! Not only is her Spiritual writing reflective and deep, but the photographs on her blog are absoultely beautiful. Her writing is poetic and flows across the page like a ballet!

I became so excited when I saw she authored this book (I am a bit of a bookaholic - it could be worse I suppose!), I couldn't wait to get a copy and start reading! The beginning of this book was not AT ALL what I expected. Initially, I experienced an overwhelming sense of sadness and disappointment, but (Thank GOD) I kept reading. Although I have a lot of "book" left to read, I have been blessed by her insight on Christ's Joy! She has directed me to HIS WORDS, which touch me like no others on earth (especially when my Bible journals HIS Words in RED). I am so grateful for His teaching and pray to live the rest of my life snuggled as close to Him as possible!

Stay tuned for more "Gifts"....

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