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Online Bible Study

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My first (and only) son's wedding

My first (and only) son, Peter Joseph Kubesh, was married to an amazing woman last night. Her name WAS Chelsea Smith - now Chelsea Kubesh! Peter was so confident SHE was the one, that I never questioned his decision; I immediately accepted and loved her because he did.

However, after listening to the toasts by her brides-maids/matrons/good friends last night, I realized she is JUST LIKE PETER! They truly ARE a match made in heaven! They are both selfless, kind beyond words, always there for everyone and love living life every minute!

The wedding was beautiful for NUMEROUS reasons - but one very special reason was that Chelsea's father performed the ceremony! The words he shared performing the ceremony are words EVERY married couple should hear/read/re-read often! I asked for a copy and will post (after requesting his permission) for everyone to read! I was blessed - not only for Peter and Chelsea, but for myself and my husband!

I have to run watch a movie with my youngest daughter, but will be posting MUCH MORE later. Once again, this amazing son of mine changed my life forever!

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