Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanks for the Memories

Today marks a huge change in my life. After three and a half years, my office location is changing. As expected, I have mixed emotions; some good, some bad. I will miss the wonderful ladies I have worked with, but also look forward to getting to know the new ones!

The neat part of being a Christian and having faith is that you KNOW God is in control and must be finished with me here. That said, I will embrace the change and be grateful for my many, many blessings.

As my co-worker always says - Ciao Bella! If you don't know what that means, I am including a definition from Yahoo Answers...."Ciao bella!" can mean either "Hi beautiful!" or "Bye beautiful!" It's like the Hawaiian word "aloha," it can mean either "hello" or "goodbye." The word "bella" is reserved for feminine things, so "Ciao bella!" can only be said to a girl. Note also that "ciao" is very informal, so it's either translated as "hi" or "bye," not as "hello" or "goodbye" (those are "buongiorno" and "arrivederci," respectively).
Have a fabulous weekend!

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