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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stars Collide - Book Review

The first book-Stars Collide-in the new series from Janice Thompson, “Backstage Pass.” (I can't wait to read the next one! I'll have to see when it's scheduled to release-watch my blog for details!)

There were numerous reasons I wanted to read/write a review on Stars Collide; I will list some of them here:

*Hollywood (been there, love it!)
*Movie Stars (although I have no desire to be one, it IS fun to think about being rich and people thinking I’m ALL THAT!)
*LOVE (I love a great love story!)
*Television sitcom (I think it would be fun to be an actress on a television show! I can be a fabulous drama queen-ask my family!)
*Comedy (I love to laugh!)

What I thought would be a “fun book”, turned into an amazing personal adventure! I LOVED this book! I loved the entertainment it provided-and that I couldn’t put it down! When my long workday ended, I loved that I had a fabulous adventure to run home to read! Not to mention, as a parent, I loved that I had a great book to get excited about and read while encouraging my children to do the same!

I’m not sure if I ever posted the fact that I want to write a book and have for many years. My problem is that I can’t decide WHAT to write about. Initially, I wanted to write my life story, but then it dawned on me that no one would read it - they don’t know who I am!

When I finished Stars Collide, I went straight to the author’s web-site ( to see what other books she has written (and she’s written a LOT)! I have one of her books on order and can’t wait to read every one! I love the way she writes, her writing style, and how her book flows. I truly admire her as an author and want to grow up to be just like her! I was extremely excited to notice, while on her web-site, you can sign up for her freelance writing courses – and I have a feeling I will be signing up very soon! ( I would HIGHLY recommend this book if you’re anything like me! You will NOT be sorry, I promise!

Available January 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

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