Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

SEPTEMBER is here....

I was telling a co-worker yesterday how much I LOVE the month of September! There are many reasons, which I will list below:

1. My birthday is this month (I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!).
2. A new beginning (I have young girls beginning a new year of school)!
3. FALL (I LOVE fall - and spring)!
4. Football (my husband ADORES football and is extremely joyful, even if his team(s) lose)!
5. Nature (I love to watch the leaves change)-another concrete reminder of God's beauty-for US!
6. New volunteer efforts (I try to lead programs that effect my children-so I move up with them-and remain in some places I just can't leave-5th grade)!

These are the things that come to mind - but I have to run - one of my daughters is children are my joy (most of the time)!

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