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Online Bible Study

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning.....

What a beautiful morning (a tad chilly, but the sun is shining bright!)! I love nature! I love the change of seasons - especially Spring and Fall! They are the "between" seasons-not too hot and not too cold (at least it's not suppose to be - some times Virginia forgets that!).

I am in the process of reviewing a Christian audio book and a Christian tween book (which is extremely cute)! Kristina has a science presentation we need to review today (and I can't wait!), and Brooke finished her science paper on Friday night (so she's done!).

Tonight the girls and I will be helping the student ministry at Northside package meals for Haiti. Then we have Altared kids - and home to prepare for the work-week. Spring break for the girls is the week AFTER Easter - so we are in the final planning stages! I think we've decided on the Smithsonians on Monday and an early departure for B'burg on Friday (so we can visit the Tech geo museum-only open on week days). I booked a hotel with a pool so the girls can spend some time swimming (and I can READ)!

What a blessed life!

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