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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pictures Speak Louder than Words - Christmas 2013

Christmas Memories 2013

Christmas Eve, Tuesday, December 24th

Presents wrapped for family - some "hidden" in other locations!

Christmas Eve tradition - Family and good friends over for dinner after Worship!

Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25th

Day begins at 5:15 am - Brooke, Kristina and I drive to Virginia Beach to see Harper experience Santa for the first time.  Last year doesn't count as she was only 4 months old.

My Children!  Kristina Elizabeth, Peter Joseph, and Brooke Marie!

Mommy brings Harper downstairs!!!  
(Why is everyone in our family here at 7:00 am!?!?!?!)

Chelsea introducing Harper to her Christmas Stocking!

Part of Harper's Christmas presents!

Other part of Harper's Christmas presents!

ONE of my AWESOME Christmas gifts!!!!  
(NOTHING on earth compares to being a GRANDMA!)

Then drive home for our girls' Christmas!
Kristina above
Brooke below

After the gifts are unwrapped upstairs (and the girls not getting what they wanted MOST), 
Daddy announces Santa left a couple of gifts down in the Sports Room (MAN CAVE)!!!

Kristina above
Brooke below

Beautiful Flowers given to me by Brooke's friend (Genevieve)

BEAUTIFUL "H" for the front door!

Day after Christmas, Thursday, December 26th

Izzy and I are POOPED!!!!  

Izzy and I enjoy the day at "The Porch"
Reading, watching television, wearing pajamas!!!!  

We are blessed beyond measure!

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