Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Morning After....

I realized something about myself yesterday; I can only take so much stress/illness/pressure and then.....I want to run away from home!

Although Kristina's party was awesome, getting TO the party was a complete nightmare! As Murphy would have it - there was an accident on I-64 and we would arrive approximately 5 minutes LATE to Kristina's party!

By the time "party day" came along, I had experienced a most difficult week of illness/sleep deprivation/"girl drama." I was completely SPENT!

I guess that's life - and one of the MAIN reasons I need my Saviour! HE IS MY ROCK and it's to HIM that I can run for shelter! Thank you God for sending a Saviour!

Praise God for Jesus!

PS. Party pictures coming soon - when I went to my computer to download the photos, my computer component was missing....gee, wonder what "I" did with it! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

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