Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quiet Time with the Father

While reading The Word this morning, He inspired me to create the following list of Prayer requests. These are a list of my DESPERATE prayer requests; ones I will pray frequently and continuously!

*Dear Father-Please help me to ALWAYS love and reverence YOU - above everything else.

*Please help me be/stay disciplined in Bible study EVERY day!

*Please help me to be selfless in all things-putting YOU above everyone/everything else! Protect me from idolatry, moral decline, and petty fighting.

*Please keep me aware of "Your still, small voice" - the gift of Your Holy Spirit living inside me (and all believers). Please help me to follow Your leading, even when it's uncomfortable. Please help me to be bold for You - knowing when the time is right (so as not to turn anyone away from You).

*Please protect my family from the evil one - please keep us in the palm of Your hand.

*Please protect our marriages - the ones existing and the ones to come. Please help me to pray without ceasing for this amazing gift of becoming One in Christ.

*Please help our entire family come to You and live by Your principles and guidance every day.


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