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Online Bible Study

Friday, January 7, 2011

God’s Healing Hand

Last March (2010), while taking a quick “Facebook” break at lunch, I read a close friend’s post that brought me immediate concern; she was praying for a grieving friend in Florida (my friend moved to our area from Florida a few years ago). As I scrolled down the “home” page, I saw another friend with a similar post; however, she added she would be leaving for Florida with her son(s).

It’s difficult for me to put into words how much my Church family means to me. There are several reasons, but I will summarize them to say: I honestly LOVE my Church family. When I had no family, they were there for me. When I myself was grieving, they were there for me. I had never been any place in my entire life where I FELT God’s love the way I did (and still do) at our Church (Northside Christian Church in Yorktown, Virginia). I remember reading in God’s Word that if one member of the family is hurting, we all hurt (just as we all share in joy), and I read/apply His Word literally. (1 Corinthians 12:26 - If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.) I immediately felt a deep sense of sadness in my soul that I cannot describe (for my hurting family members).

After I obtained additional details, my sense of sadness developed into a deeper sense of mourning. I learned that an extremely young woman had passed away (31 years old), leaving behind a young husband and four beautiful children (that NEEDED their mother). I am assuming, as I’ve stated in the past, when children lose their parents (especially their mother), my wounds of losing my own resurface. Although God has blessed me abundantly with new family members (and very special women that bless my life like a mother would), there is just something about your own Mother that (for me) is difficult to replace. I have a strong feeling God allows me to continue to experience this pain so I will pray for his hurting children that come after me. After all, He is the one that created the Church family bond (which reaches beyond our local Church family).

Throughout the past year, this sweet family would come to mind. I would stop and offer a prayer to our Father on their behalf-a prayer for healing, for His grace, and for His mercy. I was again reminded of this family earlier this week as I read and posted the story about the young mother killed in an auto accident in Texas after Christmas. I felt a strong need in my Spirit to follow up with my Florida friends to see how this family was doing. I was given the most AMAZING NEWS. As only God can – He has given this sweet family a new start! This father was blessed with a new relationship (and future wife) and these beautiful children will be given a new mom! And from what I’ve read about Erin (the new mom), the entire family will be blessed! This was a family created in Heaven!

I want to wish this family (Matt and Erin pictured above, children Seth, Lydia, Sarai and Caleb) the most joy and happiness any family could ever enjoy! We KNOW God carries us through good and bad (and we CLING TO THAT PROMISE in desperate times), but it ALWAYS warms my heart when I hear of situations like these – when HE brings everyone full circle! PRAISE GOD in the good times (as well as the bad).


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mboden said...

HI, I'm Matt whom you wrote about. I wish I could tell you how amazing God has been in this journey of grief since the death of my wife. I have experienced his presence in my life in all new ways, and his church has been nothing but blessing to us. Thank you for your prayers.