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Online Bible Study

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible, NKJV - Review

I usually read over a book for several weeks prior to posting my review. But I felt extremely convicted to post this review ASAP! There was no reason to dilly dally – this Bible is FABULOUS! I received the Bible in the mail either late last week or earlier this week, but I have read numerous Scriptures during my daily Quiet Time. I have been a fan of Max Lucado for a very long time; however, the words “King James” scare me to death. I remember reading that this Bible was the NEW King James Version, but thoughts of the past haunted me!

As a child, I remember there only being one Bible: The King James Version. I also remember NEVER reading it! As an adult, teaching students in small group, I was searching my memory trying to determine WHY I never read the Bible as a child. The reason finally dawned on me and caused me to do a Google search to confirm my suspicions. I was right; NIV wasn’t created until 1973!!!!! Rather than say I’m old, let’s just say I wasn’t under the age of 10 at the time.

Although it appears the Amercian Standard was created in 1901 – they sure didn’t use it in OUR Church! Nor, did my mother (my Spiritual mentor) have or read one. And to be honest, to this day, I don’t own an Amercian Standard Version. I still can’t understand it!

Not only did I love every word Max Lucado penned (he is such a huge inspiration to me), but I could understand the Scriptures! What a shock! I will read this Bible on a regular basis during my daily Bible study.

Thank you so much Thomas Nelson Inc. for providing a copy for this review! I will treasure this Bible always!

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