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Online Bible Study

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day-on Thursday!

I never thought about the fact that Thanksgiving is always celebrated on Thursday! What a hoot that I picked Thursday to post my "thankful posts"; praise God for His Spirit-He must be the one that orchestrated that!

My family will be spending the day with my husband's ENTIRE family! I am so blessed to have them in my life - there was a year when the only family I had was my amazing son. If you have ever been lonely, you know there is nothing worse than knowing no one on this earth cares about you. Although, I'm certain I had numerous friends, family is something very precious! Nothing else quite measures up. Now, I have many, many family members; I am so blessed!

We will be celebrating at The Lunch Bell (and I can't wait!) - which means NO WORK/NO CLEAN UP! My generous in-laws invited all of us. If you are not from our area, you may not know the Swain family (owners/operators of this fine establishment). Well, let me just say that CHURCH women can cook and bake - and this lady HAS IT GOING ON! I LOVE everything I have ever eaten that she has prepared!

I will be taking pictures and posting soon...I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to thank THE ONE who gave it to you!

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