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Friday, November 19, 2010

The Big God Story - Book Review

As a mother (and grandmother-to-be one day), I am always on the look-out for GREAT children’s books; especially Christian books. When I was given the opportunity to review The Big God Story, I couldn’t wait to see/read it!

One of the most memorable parts of the book was the first and last page: personal notes from the author, Michelle Anthony. Michelle is the Family Ministry Architect for David C. Cook and the Pastor of Family Ministries at RockHarbor. The first page includes a note reminding us that this is not an ordinary story; its God’s big story where he promises to love us forever. She also includes a place for your child to personalize their copy of His Story: “This Book Belongs to ___________”. The VERY FIRST thing my youngest daughter did was write her name on the line (first AND last name)! I loved the personal implication of her name connected with God’s Story (and she was the one that made the connection)! At the end of the book, the author reminds parents of the privilege and responsibility given to nurture their children’s faith-and an on-line resource has been created to assist parents with doing just that. You can view it here:

I was surprised at the accurate, complete summary of redemption (covered from Genesis through Revelation), in such a few pages. There are adults that could benefit from reading this simple, complete overview of the story the Bible conveys.
I believe graphics are extremely important in children’s books, and was impressed with EVERY ONE of them in this book. The use of vibrant colors, especially on the cover, was eye-catching and beautifully done! I also love the way the cover portrays the magic and beauty inside the book! Cory Godbey did a fabulous job-kudos Cory!

I will be purchasing numerous copies of this book to give as gifts; as well as keep MY copy handy for reading to my future grandchildren! I honestly think this is the best children’s Christian book I’ve ever read and I will be keeping my eyes open for Michelle Anthony’s future children’s books!

YouTube trailer for The Big God Story -
You can purchase this book directly from Amazon here:

I received a complimentary copy of this book from David C. Cook for review purposes.

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