Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The most amazing revelation!

Yesterday, while reading Navy leadership presentations on-line, I came across something that really struck me (because it’s something I do when I teach – but didn’t realize how important it was): If you lecture for 2 ½ hours, but tell a story that lasts 2 minutes – everyone will remember the 2 minute story; NOT the 2 ½ hour lecture. In teaching children, I have tried desperately to get their attention using real life stories to help get the point across. I know I modeled this approach after all the fabulous leaders I have listened to.

This morning, while listening to a daily devotional CD on the drive to work, the teacher was explaining one of Christ’s parables in the Bible when it dawned on me….maybe THAT is why Christ taught with parables (stories)! Because He knew we would listen/remember/learn by applying the lesson to our lives.

HE never ceases to amaze me….

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