Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Latest Read...(at least ONE of them)...

I am currently listening to a book on CD by John Piper-A Sweet and Bitter Providence. I don't like to listen to books "quickly". I have to rewind and rewind and rewind to be sure I "get" every word. This book is fabulous! Not only do I love all the Scripture references he provides, but I love his in-depth explanation of the Book of Ruth.

One thing I have struggled with, however, is his definition of God's sovereignty. The last time I thought about "who" was responsible for bad things that happen on earth was when my parents passed away (I was 18 years old). I HAD to believe that satan was responsible, because believing otherwise would mean God "caused" not "allowed" it to happen. I really couldn' believe that!

Now, at the age of....well, let's just say I'm MUCH older, I can see a similar pattern between my life an Naomi's. I have wanted to write a book for a long time...maybe this is God's sign that I should compare all the details of my life to hers!

I will pray and see what He reveals to me....

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