Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Season

As Christmas continues to draw near, I am realizing some amazing things! I have been praying that God would help me be MORE generous. I am not extremely selfish, but feel like I would like to be more generous. His Spirit has moved SO MUCH that I find myself wanting to give to everyone! Every single item is Kingdom driven - to help others - so I know it's Him! I think I need to complete a list, along with amounts, and figure out exactly what I can and can't do!

I continue to pray for the Chandler family from the Village Church in Texas. The latest update is that Matt's stay in the hospital will be a little longer than initially hoped, but he continues to improve every day. The pathology report is still not back, but he and his family remain faithful! They are such an inspiration to me! If you have a chance, go to his Church site and listen to a sermon or two! You'll join me in encouraging his return - I want to learn more and more!

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