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Online Bible Study

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Contemplation....

Over the weekend, I entered a few give aways on-line. I just LOVE to win Christian materials! I can never get enough! (I checked yesterday and I didn't win one thing - but that's okay, I'm extremely blessed!)

Anyway, a few of the questions asked about Christmas memories, which took me back to my childhood. My mother was amazing year round, but Christmas was ALWAYS very special to her. She would bake and bake for weeks! We had EVERY kind of cookie and candy known to man! She would also help us make crafts for every aunt we had (which totalled 8 - plus we may have added pretend aunts), which we were told was the hit every Christmas! She would decorate our home inside and out, top to bottom - she was so talented! And the Christmas gifts were out of sight! Don't take this to mean we were spoiled with monetary wealth and "stuff", we were NOT. We only received gifts on birthdays and Christmas! Oh my, was I so blessed.

As I consider the things that make me mad/sad/cry (I think it was Mark Batterson that said you find your passion by your feelings/responses to issues), I realize more and more that I adore children and want to make a difference in their lives. AND I am totally, 100%, against abortion! You see, I was adopted. If abortion was as popular (and easily accessible) back when I was born, I may have NEVER existed. It wasn't MY fault I was created (I did nothing wrong), but it would be a shame for my life to have eliminated and for me to have never existed! (if I do say so myself!). I think these items will be my focus for 2010 (I was told you must say 20, then 10, not two thousand and ten).

I pray that the new year brings more opportunities to make a difference in the world! Big things always start small...(I think I read that some place too!).

Merry Christmas to all....

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