Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I WON!!!!! And there's MORE!!!!

Oh my gosh! I am so excited! I won "8 Great Dates Friendship Kit" from Secret Keeper Girl's drawing last month! I couldn't be more excited!!!!

I'm back again to let you know about the current posting! I thought it would be easiest to copy THEIR post and put it here! Please SIGN THE PETITION!!!! Our young daughters are being so pressured by today's media! We MUST act NOW!

Hey, girls! We’re feeling a little spring fever craze come upon us here at Secret Keeper Girl so we want to give away something obnoxiously expensive, but we needed some really crazy reason to do it. So, we’re really crazy about one thing right now: getting moms to take notice of our Bod Squad Petition which will be featured in USA Today on March 9th! Our Bod Squad Petition is a collection of signatures from moms who say “no” to sexy clothes for our girls and say “yes” to retailers who provide age-appropriate adorable fashion. If that sounds like you, keep reading. The American Psychological Association has linked inappropriate fashion to things like eating disorders, depression and early sexual activity. We want the fashion industry to read that report! So, we need to join together and that is where YOU come into play. (And we do mean “play” in the funnest sense of the word. As in “play to win!”) Just go to the petition page and sign it. Then, come back here and leave a comment with your thoughts about our petition and you’ll be entered into our March Madness Giveaway. We’re giving away two SUPER BUNDLES and you may ask for either one.

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